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Firefighters Educational Hour


Hey, we all know that accidents happen and must learn to prevent them. At school we learn many interesting things. Learn to read, calculate, learn to find on a map where we live, we learn about our ancestors and more things. At school we have to go if we wanT to learn as many things, but we do not forget that at school we can make very good friends. Today, in this game for kids, you'll be able to learn something very important, namely what we need to do in case of fire. You will receive advice from the firefighters, they enter into flames and save people and therefore must respect them. This application gives you the opportunity to get information and more than that if you want to become a firefighter here you will learn everything about this work. Being a firefighter is a difficult thing but you are responsible kid.If you want that mission to end well have you have follow all instructions of this game for girls.Pay attention to all details.- At first you must arrange all fallen objects;- You arrange everything in their place;- While arranging things you will notice that the stove caught fire;- Turn the stove;- You'll have to extinguish the flame;- Fix switch;- Throw all trash;- Unclog a sink;- A house caught fire;- Turn off the electric current;- Call the fire department;- Extinguish the flames from the windows;- Then you have to tear down the door to enter the house;- Prepare a water hose;- Now you can extinguish all the flames;- During the intervention the child was injured;- Now you have to treat the wound;- Disinfect the wound;- Take pieces of glass;- Apply the ointment;- Bandage the wound;- Put the oxygen mask;- Now you have to fix all the things that were damaged during the fire;- Throw all trash;- Fix the elevator;- Clean the traces of smoke;- Wash sandstone;- Clean the dust;- Everything looks good, you did a great job;- You're a great fireman.
You did a really good job, please come back every day through this game for boys.
Have fun!